Life 30th Anniversary — Special Double Issue


December 23, 1966


In the beginning simple realism — a recognizable, disinterested record — was enough. Today the photographer goes further and interprets what he sees, leaving a mark of his personality and involvement on his pictures. What he seeks to say can be said with anything that moves him — the fabric of a tree, the fury of a mad woman, the icy grace of a lady, the shock of violence.  It can be said literally or surrealistically, lightly or sub-consciously, happily or with heartbreak. If the photographer cares deeply, the world — the people in it and their lot— is his frame and set down at the revealing instant. Advancing his camera beyond old limits he has found power and language, universal and direct. It sends a message straight from the page into the eyes and the mind and heart.

— Life Editors





Among the Photographers

Richard Avedon

John Brook

Wynn Bullock

Robert Doisneau

John Dominis

Charles Harbutt

Ken Heyman

Thomas Höpker





Wallace Kirkland

George Krause

Herbert Migdoll

Charles Pratt

Herb Scharfman

George Silk

Bert Stern

Jerry Uelsmann

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